Minggu, 03 April 2016

Weekend Cheers On Pulau Pramuka

Pulau Pramuka extremely famous among tourists who strike a week to the Thousand Islands. The island is not uncommon as one spot camper before island hopping to other islands.
For fans camping out in the wild, Semak Daun Island also is one of the destinations that both for the destination. Fascination sloping beaches that have distinguished white sand, waves a relatively slow, there is no toilet consists of 3 pieces that could be made that the area rinse after a swim at the beach and snorkeling.
For heading to Pulau Pramuka pass easily. From Port of Muara Angke we board the intent timber Scout Island. Ticket price IDR 35 thousand per person.

Generally, this ship can depart approximately 07.00 am and 08.00 pm. Long time taken for the reply to the Scout Island about 3 hours. Generally, these ships can disembark passengers in Pari Island let alone first, before the results are leaning in Pramuka Island.
Until Pramuka Island should lunch let alone first. After that look for a motorcycle taxi boat that can take us to the island of Pramuka. Motorcycle taxi fare pegged vessel per vessel. Create fare PP Pramuka Island-Pramuka Island, in the range of 750 thousands rupiah, it has been included as well with media rents snorkel along two snorkeling spots.
When we went there, we found a tenant motorcycle brother-hand ship, named Bang Meo. Extremely recommended once that one's brother. Create up to Pulau Pramuka Pramuka Island, when his need approximately 30 minutes.

Arriving on the island Semak Daun, guard encountered the island and paid fees amount to 10,000 / person. After that time to set up a tent or hammock for who likes to lie between the trees. After that it's time to change clothes and get ready For snorkeling.
Spot snorkeling germinal in Coral Island Rice, & reply to the 2nd Air Island. Underwaternya elegant atmosphere buildup along coral reefs and beautiful who also fish with a little amount of not accompanying us time snorkeling.
Oh yes, Bang Meo is also available to monitor our entire. He took part in snorkeling and also teach us what kind of dive.

After snorkeling, time to go back to Pulau Pramuka and rinse in the toilet which is already available. Generally does line up, because the camper here who do not pass a little.
Oh yes, if you want to use fresh water rinse, we must buy jerry cans of water per 5,000 rupiah. For though there are wells, but the water from the well still taste salty or brackish. This fresh water brought from the island of Work, be okay together Rupiah 5 thousand body is able to clean it again and not sticky.
Middle Night in time for barbeque party, toasty-roasted fish that have been purchased from Muara Angke. For the rice can be asked for in the stalls that are on Semak Daun.

To soften our camper there, the weather was cool HRI midnight. Walking storm that quite a long time, it created one of our tent frame of his broken. Being sure when going in there when the weather is cool. If we were there actually to soften Jakarta remains sparse rain.
HRI morning is time for sunrise. Remain shrouded in Regret overcast sky at the time. When we were picked up by Bang Meo to return to the Pramuka Island, rain fell along the swift.
It made us fail to captive shark's mouth is not far from Scout Island. Nonetheless, cheerful camper experience Pramuka Island is still exciting and unforgettable.

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